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You Cant Handle This

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General Salsa Making Tip: Always use fresh ripe vegetables. Use local produce whenever you can. Vegetables grown in your own garden will always taste better.

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You Cant Handle This

6 habanero peppers (fresh)
6 japalino peppers (in the jar)
5 tomatoes
sugar and salt to taste
1 tsp grape jelly
1 bag of blackeyed peas (cooked)
small amount of cooked rice

This recipe takes two days to complete

First slice the habenaros into four pieces. Lay them on a foil covered tray and cook in oven on the lowest temp setting to dry the peppers.

After they are dry, put the m in a ziplock bag and crush into dust with a rolling pin. slice the other ingredients and put them in a sauce pan and simmer. Add the dried peppers and grape jelly.

Your finished....

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Salsa Tip: Once you have made your salsa, it is best not to serve it immediately. Store the salsa in a sealed container in your refrigerator for two or more hours. Overnight is even better. This allows the different flavors in the salsa to blend creating a much better flavor.

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